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BE up to sth

be up to sth. 胜任、适于;应由......、该由…负责;轮到…;从事,忙于 例句:Which makes it sound as if he will not be up to the job.

sth. be up to sb. 某事是某人的责任 e.g. He should not drive the boy out, it's not up to him. 他不应该把男孩赶出去 ,那不是他的职责。

be up to sb to do be up to“由……决定;胜任”。 例如:It's up to you to decide.

be up to something 策划 be up to sb. 取决于,有。。。决定


The time lost must Be made up for. 损失的时间必须补回来。 A button can be made of bone, wood, glass, or plastic. 扭扣可以用骨头、木头、玻璃或塑料制成。 The trunk seems to be made from camphorwood. 这个箱子象樟木做的。 Waste pro...

A 试题分析:考查将来时的表达法。be to do sth表示将来时的时候,表示一种语气,非要做某事,相当于must,be sure to do sth;be about to do sth即将做某事,不与具体的将来时的时间状语连用;be going to do sth表示计划好要做某事,或者根...

Unit 1 Friendship be good to 对….友好 add up 合计 another time 改时间 get sth done 使…被做 calm down 镇定下来 have got to 不得不 be...

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